Colchester Commons: A 55+ Community with a Heart

FAQs: Colchester Commons
1) What is meant by “Volunteer Community”?
Colchester Commons is a Corporation. There are 95 homes in the Commons. At the closing the new resident must purchase three (3) Shares. When residents volunteer, they participate in the management of the community. This is how we have become an independent adult community. We take pride in the fact that we have been here for 20-plus years as a self-sufficient close-knit community.

2) Is this an Assisted Living Community?
The Commons is not an Assisted Living Community. These homes are owned by residents 55 years of age and older. The Corporation owns the lots. But every resident is part of the Corporation and therefore is responsible for the appearance and maintenance of their home, shed, garage, gardens, trees and shrubs on that lot as well as any “common” area that needs attention.

3) How do the “shares” work?
The three(3)”Shares” guarantee a vote at the Annual meeting and Special meetings. Residents are also encouraged to attend monthly Board meetings and participate in the volunteer effort. Attendance at a Board meeting allows the residents to voice opinions and ask for information.

4) What else is included in the monthly fee?

The monthly fee covers the following:

a. Lawn care includes (weekly mowing & leaf removal), spring and fall clean-ups (leaf & small debris removal). All other landscaping is the responsibility of the home owner.

b. Trash & recycle pick-up (weekly)

c. Our water supply comes from our own well-based system which is monitored on a daily basis.

d. Each home has a separate septic system and is pumped every three years or more often, if necessary.

e. Each resident is responsible for their own utilities which may include electric, gas, cable or satellite, telephone and heating fuel. Residents are responsible for the condition of their own fuel tanks and covers.

5) Who can I contact if I have additional questions?

The Commons business office is open Tuesday thru Friday between 10:00 – 11:30 a.m. Ask to speak to a Realty Liaison. Or, leave your name and phone number and a Liaison will contact you. A Liaison can also give you some points of contact with realtors or lawyers. Do not hesitate to ask the Liaison for a tour or more information.

We hope you choose to come and visit us and see how much we enjoy living at Colchester Commons!

Interested in purchasing a home?
Please feel free to drive through the property and see the available homes. If interested or need additional information, please contact the Realtor on the sign!